Getting Involved

We have many avenues for you to join with others in learning, discussing, and deepening.

You can....

Join ("like") the First Principle Project Facebook page where you can communicate with others and keep up on the latest announcements, news, and materials, including a copy of this resource (

Join the Google group where you can communicate with others, receive information, and be advised of recent developments.  You can do this by contacting Rev. LoraKim Joyner. ( or going here. (!forum/first-principle-project).

Submit comments on the blog, "Worth and Dignity of Every Being?" where viewpoints and essays from many different perspectives will be highlighted.  

Join the Advisory Team that investigates, discusses, reflects, and writes on the theological, spiritual, philosophical, and ethical parameters of the First Principle.  Communications will be through email, Google documents, and also on the occasional teleconference or video conference call. The Advisory team first met in September 2013.

Join the Steering Team that advises, constructs, and carries out the process for both changing the First Principle and for encouraging dialog, learning, and relationships throughout our association.  The Steering Team first met in September 2013.