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FPP Facilitator Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner

FPP Coordinator Nikki J Hunt


  1. can you please provide the twitter hash tags related to this

  2. Dear is Dr. Joyner,
    Our small uu church is interested in participating in the first principle project. Please advise how we may join the conversation.
    Sincerely, Leonard Robin Clark, R.E.Director @ Our Home UU Church, Ellisville MS.

  3. LoraKim,

    Hi - we met years ago at a Buddhist retreat upstate NY.

    I recently met someone who is on the Bd of his UU in San Diego,, CA. When I asked if they knew of the FPP he said he had heard about an EIGHT principle. Is he confused or is that a thing?

  4. This site is VERY HARD TO READ. The light colored text over the busy background makes it very difficult for someone with sight disaboldisab. It gave me a headache before I got two paragraphs in. Arguing for expanding the First Principle while ignoring the needs of a largd part if our community seems a crurl joke.